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Path 1 Pre-ordering and selling from stock (This path means less work for you than Path 2)

  1. You decide on a sock design or more than one-- with input from mr. sock, if you wish.

  2. You make arrangement for payment by check OR, for schools or school-affiliated groups, you fax or email a signed Sales Agreement or get a school P.O.

  3. You place your order for at least the minimums of each sock design you wish to sell.  We can help you decide on amounts of each size.

  4. We make your socks in 2 to 3 weeks (you can sell while you wait, if you like).

  5. We ship your sock order by UPS Ground Service .

  6. Before the socks arrive, you should already have a plan to sell at various events in your school or community.

  7. You have a lot of fun selling to kids and parents who are excited about the great socks that you have designed.

Path 2 Selling from a personalized sales brochure with your socks pictured on it 

  1. You decide on a sock design or more than one--with input from mr. sock, if you wish.

  2. We design your personalized sales brochure and email it to you.

  3. You print out the number of one-page sales brochures that you need.

  4. You distribute the sales brochures to your group and start selling--with no more than a 2-week deadline to turn in orders and payments.  

  5. You receive order amounts and payments (both are recorded on each sales brochure).

  6. You compile the orders to get full order totals and you also check payment amounts received.

  7. You call or email mr. sock with your order.

  8. You make arrangements for payment by check, OR, for schools or school-affiliated groups, you can fax or email your signed Sales Agreement or your school P.O. to our office when you place your order.

  9. We make your socks in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

  10. We ship your order by UPS Ground Service.

  11. You deliver the socks to your customers by whatever arrangements you have made.

Whether you intend to follow Path 1 or Path 2, getting started is very simple with a no-pressure phone consultation to create a sock design that will really sell using your mascot/logo, or school or group name. This fundraiser is simple and fun with a sock that you design.


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