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mr.sock FAQ

  • What is mr. sock?
    We are a company that specializes in logo socks that are personalized to your school, team or organization. We have been making socks to our customer’s specifications since 2004. Our socks have been used for profitable fundraisers for a school or group, for school uniform socks that work perfectly with your uniforms and promote your school brand, for team socks that add a special pizzazz to your sports uniforms, or for any way that you might envision our high-quality custom socks meeting your needs.
  • Where are our socks made?
    All of our socks are made in the USA in our mills in the area of the city of Fort Payne in northeastern Alabama.
  • What materials are offered?
    We offer our socks in moisture-wicking polyester in white or black, in a white cotton/polyester 50/50 blend, in 23 different colors of acrylic, and in 30 colors of nylon (which we also use for design colors for our moisture wicking polyester socks). We have added a line of mr. sock Sublim8 socks which can have very complex designs in a virtually infinite range of colors, since the images are permanently set into a soft-spun polyester. These are our standard materials, but we have the flexibility to make socks in other materials to your order.
  • What are the minimums for my order of custom designed socks?
    Our minimums vary depending upon the materials and the manufacturing process. For the white cotton/poly blend, the acrylic or the Sta-cool polyester, we have a minimum of 60 packs in any one design and color. There is also a minimum of 20 packs per size ordered. The same design in a different sock color is treated as a different design and the same minimums apply. Any Custom Blox Super in moisture-wicking polyester, nylon or acrylic socks have a minimum of 24 pairs of any one design. The Sublim8 socks have a minimum of 12 pairs of any one design.
  • How many pairs of socks are in a pack?
    The Custom Blox Super socks in any material and the mr. sock Sublim8 socks sell by the pair, but all of our other socks come in packs. The very low-cut, low-cut and quarter-crew styles of white cotton/poly blend, acrylic or moisture-wicking polyester come in 3-pair packs, and the crew and the knee-high styles in the same materials come in 2-pair packs.
  • How about shipping?
    We include free shipping within the US with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii with orders that meet the minimums listed below. Due to paperwork and tariff considerations, we do not ship to other countries. Cotton/poly blend, acrylic and moisture-wicking polyester orders ship free at the 60 pack minimum. Custom Blox Super socks and Sublim8 socks ship free at a 50-pair minimum.
  • Are there any extra charges?
    We do not charge a handling charge since we figure that’s what we are doing in making socks for you. We do not charge a set-up fee for designs on most of our sock materials. If we need to have our graphic designer modify your logo or design into a vector file for imprinting with the sublimation process, we may need to charge a design fee, but we will inform you of that before we proceed. There will be no surprises.
  • What are the payment options?
    We will email an invoice to you which you can pay by check. For schools and school-affiliated groups, with a signed Sales Agreement or a Purchase Order, we will manufacture the socks and ship the order to you and will invoice you by email. You will have 14 days from receipt of the order to make payment by check.
  • What is the delivery time?
    We try to ship your order in 2 to 3 weeks from when the order is placed. Some times of year are very busy, and, since we are custom-making your order, it can take longer. If it is possible for you to let us know your preferred time of delivery as far in advance as possible, we will invoice you for that date, and we can ship your socks so they will arrive when they are needed.
  • Can I order on the website?
    Because of the huge variety of design options for personalized custom socks, we have found that it is far easier to discuss the design over the phone, as well as the order amounts for different sizes. We never pressure you to buy, but we want the opportunity to find out exactly what you want and need. We can sometimes help lead you to one of our sock products which might better meet your needs. Because we supply socks to schools and groups all over the US, we can tell you which styles and materials are most in demand—especially given the changing styles in the youth market.
  • Can I sell with a brochure first for a fundraising effort?
    We do offer a customized brochure with mock-up pictures of your custom socks as well with pictures of certain stock items such as the Breast Cancer Awareness sock line, if you desire. We offer this because many groups are anxious about ordering in advance, often because they have been stuck with a lot of merchandise from various fundraisers that they have found a problem to sell or to store. We are sure you know that selling with a brochure is more work for you. You have to print out the personalized brochures that we email to you, distribute them to those who are selling, wait a period of time while the orders are taken, collate and compile the order amounts for size and style, keep track of checks and cash taken in, call in the order, wait 2 to 3 weeks for delivery from us, and finally arrange delivery to all of the customers who have supported your fundraiser. Because of this, many of our customers are now opting to order in advance and arranging to sell the socks at some event or school function. People are more likely to buy since they can see the actual product, and you don’t have to do multiple steps. We do recommend this simpler procedure, and it seems to be working very well for our customers, but we understand that it may be necessary to sell with a brochure in many circumstances.
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