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school uniform: acrylic

Soft acrylic is another great option for mr. sock’s school uniform socks.  They come in a choice of 23 great colorfast colors, and their super-strong stretch nylon backing ensures a very comfortable sock that also wears extremely well. 

 These socks are available in the following knit options:

  1. a thick, full-terry knit foot and 

  2. a thinner flat-knit foot which works well for dressier shoes 

  3. a hybrid 1/2 terry knit foot with full terry on the bottom and flat-knit on the top

They are packaged as follows:

  •  3-pair packs in low-cut or quarter-crew 

  •  2-pair packs for crew and knee-high

Your wholesale cost for these fine, high-quality socks, personalized to your school, is $7.00 per pack. They have a suggested retail of $14.00 per pack. The minimum order is 60 packs.

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