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How to order baseball & softball stirrups


6. Pick first stripe color

  •  Then pick second stripe color (not all patterns have two stripe colors

5. Pick pattern:

1. Pick sock size:

  • Large 18" overall

  • Intermediate 16" overall

3. Pick cut of stirrup:

  • cuts for large:4", 7", 9"

  • cuts for intermediate:4" 6"

2. Pick foot color:

  • white cotton sanitary included

  • other colors available for additional cost

baseball_stirrup_sock_patterns-01.png STRIPE PATTERN NOTICE 

Please be aware any knit sock products produced with stripes (by any manufacturer) will have an overlap/stairstep between every stripe. This is inherent in the knitting process and is unavoidable.  We make our stirrups so this "stairstep" will be less visible on the inside of the leg. Please note this is not a defect in the product and will NOT accept returns for these custom products.



4. Pick a stirrup color: 

  • all nylon colors — CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL COLORS


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